The Rotten Tripawd: Trying out wagons & strollers

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Eileen the Rotten Tripawd here!

Sorry for the lack of posts-I’ve been having soooooooo many adventures! But my Mama and Daddy took all the advice about strollers and wagons to help me when I got tired out and tried them to see what worked best. One friend gave us a wagon and I rode in it at Bark in the Park.

The wagon was great because it let me interact with all the people and other dogs – but I knew I could easily escape, lol.  Other than that, though, the wagon was perfect for outings in public. When it came to hiking, though, my pawrents actually prefer the stroller.  Not only am I enclosed in it, but I can still see out. It’s also smaller and easier to maneuver on the trails.

Thanks again for all the suggestions so that my adventures are more fun! Being a young tripawd is hard sometimes, but this community makes it easier.

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Author: therottentripawd

I was born with a deformed leg that my mama tried to chew off and it was amputated when I was about a week old, so I've been a Tripawd my whole life! I am now 4 months old and adjusting very well!

3 thoughts on “The Rotten Tripawd: Trying out wagons & strollers”

  1. Look at your happy self😁😁 Noting is going to hold you back from having fun!!! It helps to have hoomans whi clearly adore yoi fo rhe moon and back and will do anything to make you happy!😎
    Being a spoiled tripawd is so much fun!!!

    Love the update! Keep em coming…with pictures of your adorable self of course!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. BTW, your brother and sister are good looking pups too!
    And I just went back and caught up on a couple of blogs I missed. Elleen’s first beach day had me grinning ear to ear!! And hearing how much she enjoyed all her hiking adventures with her pack…priceless 😎

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