My New Wheelchair

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Having a community is the best way to learn about products and services that make the life of a tripawd easier. The Tripawds community is obviously amazing, but so is the dog park! While at the dog park some friends told my Mama about a really cool organization. It’s called Gunnar’s Wheels, and they run a loaner program with wheelchairs!

This is especially great for young tripawds like me! Getting a wheelchair at four months old isn’t ideal, at least if you aren’t rich. My Mama and Daddy would be replacing it every other month! Gunnar’s Wheels lets me use the wheelchair for as long as it fits me, and then I send it back to them in exchange for a replacement. This goes on and on until I’m all set.

My pink wheelchair came about three weeks ago and I LOVE IT.

I first used it to go hiking and we were all amazed at how much longer I lasted. I’ve also used it while playing at the dog park. Everyone commented how I looked like a normal puppy because I was actually running after the other dogs! Normally I wait until they come play with me and stay in one general area. Now I’m all over the place!

I might also run the other dogs over on purpose. I’m just so excited to be able to keep up with them that I get a little out of control!


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The Rotten Tripawd: Trying out wagons & strollers

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Eileen the Rotten Tripawd here!

Sorry for the lack of posts-I’ve been having soooooooo many adventures! But my Mama and Daddy took all the advice about strollers and wagons to help me when I got tired out and tried them to see what worked best. One friend gave us a wagon and I rode in it at Bark in the Park.

The wagon was great because it let me interact with all the people and other dogs – but I knew I could easily escape, lol.  Other than that, though, the wagon was perfect for outings in public. When it came to hiking, though, my pawrents actually prefer the stroller.  Not only am I enclosed in it, but I can still see out. It’s also smaller and easier to maneuver on the trails.

Thanks again for all the suggestions so that my adventures are more fun! Being a young tripawd is hard sometimes, but this community makes it easier.

Tricks and Tips for Hiking Tripawds?

Hi everyone – Eileen the Rotten Tripawd here! Guess what I did yesterday?


The weather was finally cool enough (according to my Mama) and as you can see, it was somuchfun. Maggie and Elliot would run off the trails into the woods and then come back and check on me. I had no problem flying down the trails on my own!

But, as y’all know, I got tired pretty quick. Luckily, I had my Daddy there.

I don’t mind being carried around in my carrier, but I won’t be this little forever. Are there any other hikers here? What do you do once you get tired? Do your parents just take a break with you? Do they bring a wagon? Is there a backpack for bigger dogs to be carried in?

If you have any suggestions that would make my Mama chill out about future hikes, please send them our way!

The Rotten Tripawd’s First Beach Trip!

Guess what! I had the bessssssttt.dayyyyy.everrrrrr!

Why? I finally got to go to the beach!

I ran straight into the water and learned real quick that it was different than swimming in the pool. I didn’t like it as much after that – but that’s ok because there was so much to explore. And eat! Sand, seaweed, shells, even dead things! So much fun. I got tired really quick, though, and my Daddy had to carry me back to the car.

I’m still super tired but as soon as I’m done with my nap I want to go back!


A 3-Legged 3-Month-Old!

Eileen the Rotten Tripawd here – I’ve officially reached the puppy age that leads to all the adventures!

I went to the vet this morning and got my rabies shot and some more of my puppy shots. My vet/ godmommy said I can start going to all the fun places that my brother and sister get to go to! They tell me all about the dog park, and the beach, and how much fun kayaking is. I can’t wait to share my adventures with everyone!